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'Our catalogue is the most important link with all of our customers. It enables us to present visual proof of all of the Growers, Domain’s, Chateaux and Champagne houses we visit annually. We can take everyone into the vineyards and cellars that we personally visit and photograph the vignerons within their own locality.

There are always particular aspects of each visit and vintage that can enlighten and excite us all whatever the growing conditions from region to region. Furthermore, I can impart my personal tasting notes written as I barrel taste or sip those wines that have just been bottled. This ‘link’ is just as important as all of our clients can gain as much information about a grower, wine and vintage. Remember, that the only one that has tasted the wine before offering to all of you for buying is either Victor or myself. We both take this responsibility very seriously and do not take any notice of any wine writer anywhere in the world. This is just how important the catalogue has become to us all!!' RD

Ross Duke Wine Company Catalogues

Barons of Burgundy 1981
Barons Back Page
Bordeaux 1996
Winebank 2001
Menu June 2002
White Burgundy 2000
Rhone Arranger 2002
Burgundy 2000 offer
Getting to know you 2003
White Burg Knights in Wht Satin 2001
Winebank Xmas offer 2001
Goodbye Bordeaux 2000 March
2001 Burg offer
2002 White Burg offer - Snow white
Champagne Offer 2003 end
Champagne de vigneron 2004 offer
Little pot boiler 2004
Burgundy 2002 Offer
25th Anniversary offer March 2005
2004 Wht Burg & friends
Burgundy 2003
Burgundy 2005 pre-offer
Champagne 2005
Champagne 2006
Tour de Frnace 2003
Champagne Charlies 2005
The Scarlet Pimpernel 2005
Champagne Charlies 2005
Offer we had to have! 2007
The word is out Feb 2007
Teddy Bears Picnic 2009
Burgundy 2005 offer
2005 White burg offer
Mysteries of the Vine 2008
2006 Burg offer
Great 2007 Whites offer
Mixed Bag Offer 2008
Wheeling out the wine MAY 2009
Rhone Rebellion 2009
2007 Burg Champ & Friends
Discovery Offer 2010
2007 Burg Offer
Champagne Revival 2010
Champagne Terroir 2010
Champagne Renaissance 2010
Cooking up a Christmas 2010
Flood Relief Offer 2011
Burgundy 2008 Offer Plus New Stock
Champagne Encore 2011
Burgundy 2009 Offer
Pick & Mix Feb 2012
Front cover 2
Rhone Revolution 2012
Red & Wht 2010 Burg - Part 1
Spring Celebration Offer 2012 cover
2010 White & Red Burgundy Part 2 Cover
Cuvées Classique_March_2013-cover
Vigneron de France July 2013-Cover
Pick & Mix February 2014
Vins de France cover_web
Cuvées Classique_March_2013-cover

Above you will find a series of front covers from previous Catalogues dating back to 1981

Ross Duke Wine Company were the 1st to present "En Premeur'' Classified wines. This is the method adopted of selling Bordeaux Chateaux wines to the International Wine Trade. We pioneered the system for the next 20 years where upon many companies eventually joined in.

Owing to the high escalation in prices of Bordeaux wines, we shifted our emphasis to the other major wine regions in France. We currently possess a large portfolio of Burgundy Domain’s and the largest portfolio of grower Champagnes in the Southern Hemisphere.